International investment – the how to guide

Do you have thoughts of living abroad? Do you daydream of languishing on some beach, sipping cocktails in the sun? Or maybe you sit at sidewalk cafe’s and imagine the quaint cobbled streets, rich history and culture of Europe. I too had these daytime visions of far away places. Do you want to know the cure? Make those dreams a reality, through real estate!

How? I am going to outline the three steps I took to get the lifestyle I wanted while also making a profit.

1) Research, Research, Research
Start by making lists of your wants and needs, and decide on a approximate budget. Scour IMG_1802the internet. Search expat blogs, read travel websites and even look for properties. After this narrow your search fields until you have a few specific places picked out. Thorough research went into my decision to spend half the year in the Central American country of Nicaragua. A few different factors affected my choice including, investment opportunities, cost of living, climate, safety, and volunteer opportunities.

2) Visit the country and locations that interest you
Before moving to Nicaragua my family and I spent time traveling through Nicaragua and the surrounding countries. This allowed us to talk to locals and expats about why they love the area. We sampled the local food, enjoyed the culture and got used to the language. You may not find it necessary to spend substantial time in each of your perspective locations. Keep in mind though that a visit to your top picks will help narrow your decision and organize your priorities.

IMG_16653) Contact a real estate professional
If you are thinking all of this seems overwhelming and confusing don’t worry, a qualified international real estate agent will be happy to assist. These agents have local knowledge, advice on the best areas for investment, average pricing structures and other essential info for your overseas purchase. Contact them before you visit your first place of interest. They may even have resources to help you plan your first trip such as, vacation rental recommendations and the best sights to see. They will of course also be happy to organize home and property tours to find that spot of your dreams.

Interested? Call me Vince Padilla – Global Property specialist with Keller Williams

Happy international house hunting!

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